Courtney Patton

July 26, 2024  |  8 pm - 9:30 pm

Another Female Friday, this time featuring the renowned Courtney Patton.  “Influence” encapsulates the transformative power of artistic inspiration and personal growth as seen through Courtney Patton’s musical journey and her latest album, “Electrostatic.” Through her diverse roles as a mother, wife, producer, singer, and songwriter, Patton’s immersion in the world of music during the pandemic led to a deeper understanding of her influences, reflected in the rich tapestry of sounds and heartfelt lyrics found in her new release. Drawing from her own experiences and the memory of her late sister, she crafts songs that resonate with emotion and introspection. Collaborating with talented musicians and producers, Patton’s album showcases a fusion of styles and influences, resulting in a soulful and profound musical experience that celebrates the enduring impact of those who have shaped her artistic path.